Scent Library

All of our scents are available year-round.

The Noir Collection

No. 101 Tobacco & Bay Leaf

Vanilla ・ Brown Sugar ・ Mahogany
Tobacco & Bay Leaf is a warm, sweet scent with a subtle hint of smokiness. The top notes of this candle are vanilla and brown sugar with a background of sandalwood, mahogany, tobacco flower, and musk. This scent is perfect for those who enjoy woody, musky smells with some sweetness to them.
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No. 102 Deep Sea

Sea Salt ・ Citrus ・ Amber
Deep Sea is a cool and musky scent. The top notes of this candle are sea salt and citrus with a background of warm amber. This is a perfect scent for those who enjoy musky scents with less sweetness to them.
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No. 103 Amber & Suede

Leather ・ Patchouli ・ Amber
Amber & Suede is a soft, smooth, and warm scent. The primary note of this scent is amber, with background notes of leather, patchouli, and sandalwood. The natural smokiness of a burning candle blends beautifully with this scent to create a rich, deep fragrance.
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No. 104 Cedar & Sandalwood

Cedarwood ・ Patchouli ・ Velvet
Cedar & Sandalwood is a deep, earthy & musky scent. This scent is very cedarwood-forward, with hints of patchouli and sandalwood. This is a great fragrance for those who enjoy both earthy scents and musky scents.

No. 105 Patchouli & Bergamot

Patchouli · Sandalwood · Bergamot
Patchouli & Bergamot has soft hints of Sandalwood with stronger scents of Patchouli and citrusy Bergamot.

No. 106 Petrichor

Eucalyptus · Bergamot · Jasmine
Named after the scent of the earth after a rain storm, Petrichor is a cool, musky scent with very subtle floral hints of eucalyptus and jasmine. If you like Deep Sea, our all-time best selling scent, you'll enjoy Petrichor as well. 
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The Wildwood Collection

No. 201 Balsam Fir

Spruce ・ Cedar・ Pine
Balsam Fir is a loved classic. This scent is reminiscent of a Christmas tree, or a walk through the woods - perfectly earthy and natural with just the right amount of pine and no frills.

No. 202 Oakmoss

Sage・ Lavender・ Oakmoss
Oakmoss is a complex and earthy scent. The forward profile is of citrus and sage, with notes of lavender and tonka. Oakmoss is the perfect scent for those who enjoy a fresh, natural scent without being overly woody.
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No. 203 Rosemary & Sage

Pine・ Rosemary・ Sage
Rosemary & Sage brings the sweet, earthiness of sage together with the crisp clean scent of rosemary. This scent is a great balance of both sweet and natural, with subtle hints of pine in the background. 
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No. 204 Black Cypress

Juniper・ Balsam・ Cypress
Black Cypress brings together the strong woody scents of balsam, cedar, oak, and cypress. It is a fresh, natural scent reminiscent of a gin & tonic or a freshly picked sprig of juniper.

No. 205 Aged Mahogany

Teak · Sandalwood · Peppercorn
Aged Mahogany is an earthy, spicy scent with a subtly sweet wood scent. An upfront teak scent contains softer notes of sandalwood and spicy peppercorn. 
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No. 206 Olivewood

Earth · Moss · Vanilla
Olivewood is a beautiful, natural scent with hints of vanilla. This is a clean, fresh scent that is perfect for any season or room. 
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The Kitchen Collection

No. 301 Snickerdoodle

Cinnamon・ Honey・ Vanilla
Snickerdoodle is a sweet, buttery scent with loads of vanilla. This scent is perfect for anyone who would enjoy the scent of a freshly baked tray of sugar cookies.

No. 302 Grapefruit Mimosa

Grapefruit・ Bergamot・ Blood Orange
Grapefruit Mimosa is a tart, fresh scent that really captures the essence of fresh cut fruit. This candle has a strong grapefruit scent with hints of orange, and is not overly sweet. 

No. 303 Lemon Verbena

Lemon・ Sugar・ Citrus
Lemon Verbena is a clean, strong lemon scent. The primary scent of this candle is lemon, with hints of citrus, and is perfect for anyone who enjoys a clean scent for a fresh space.
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No. 304 Caramel Apple

Apple・ Caramel・ Butter
Caramel Apple captures the scent of a fresh dipped caramel apple without being too sweet or overpowering. The scent of apples is complimented by sweet caramel, cinnamon, and butter. This is a perfect fall scent but is great to enjoy year-round.

No. 305 Pineapple Punch

Pineapple・ Coconut・ Rum
Pineapple Punch is a sweet, summery, tropical scent with loads of fruit. Pineapple and coconut come through strong, with lighter notes of citrus and rum. Pineapple Punch is great for those looking for the perfect summer candle.

No. 306 Spiced Apple Cider

Apple・ Cinnamon・ Cedar
Spiced Apple Cider is a crisp combination of apples and cinnamon. It puts a strong apple scent on display without being overly sweet and is perfect for any season.
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No. 307 Pomander

Orange · Clove · Cinnamon
Named for the holiday favorite orange stuffed with cloves, Pomander is a spicy orange scent loaded with cinnamon and clove notes. Pomander is a fresh, clean scent that is great for the kitchen year-round.
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No. 308 Vanilla Bourbon

Bourbon · Honey · Tonka
Vanilla Bourbon is a sweet, rich scent with strong notes of bourbon and honey, blended with the nutty scent of tonka beans. Vanilla Bourbon is an instant classic that compliments any room.
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The Greenhouse Collection

No. 401 Lilac & Leaves

Lilac・ Honeysuckle・ Sandalwood
Lilac & Leaves is both subtle and wonderfully floral. The scent of lilac is blended with mellow honeysuckle and a hint of sandalwood to create the perfect candle for those who enjoy floral scents that feel natural and mellow.
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No. 402 Sea Salt & Orchid

Sea Salt・ Jasmine・ Tonka
Sea Salt & Orchid is a sweeter floral scent that blends jasmine and sea salt into a wonderfully unique floral aroma. This scent is perfect for those who like both floral and sweet scents.
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No. 403 Lavender Tea

Lavender・ Sage・ Cedarwood
Lavender Tea combines the spiciness of sage with the soothing scent of lavender into a deep, rich scent. This scent is a great balance of floral with deeper herbal scents.
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No. 404 Honey & Roses

Rose・ Lily・ Honey
Honey & Roses is a strong rose scent with hints of sweet honey. This scent is perfect for anyone who loves roses.

No. 405 Sakura

Cherry Blossom · Magnolia · Birch
Sakura is our version of the classic and loved Japanese Cherry Blossom scent. Without being too floral, Sakura captures the floral notes of cherry blossoms and blends in subtle birch notes.
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The Sculpted Collection

Each candle in the Sculpted collection is lovingly hand crafted and will have slight differences in the final product. Sculpted candles are specially packaged in a display box that's perfect for gifting. 

No. S01 Cactus Flower

Agave・ Chrysanthemum・ Patchouli
Cactus Flower is a member of our Sculpted collection and is more than just a candle. Cactus Flower is a wonderfully sweet, floral candle while also being a unique display piece.
Seasonal Scent - Will be Back Summer 2022!

No. S02 Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin・ Clove・ Apple
Pumpkin Patch is a member of our Sculpted collection and is more than just a candle. Pumpkin Patch is perfect for the holiday season with notes of both Pumpkin and Apple.
Seasonal Scent - Will be Back Fall 2022!