About Us

About Us

Gillan Candleworks is run by me, Maddie Gillan, with the support of my wonderful husband, Robert. I'm a young professional who pursues various creative outlets as a means to relieve stress. I've experimented with drawing, painting, polymer clay, ceramics, digital art, and more. I've found myself drawn to candlemaking for two reasons: my love of candles, and my love of perfecting a product. 

About Gillan Candleworks

Gillan Candleworks started with an obsession - a desire to find the perfect candle. After being unable to find a candle that we both truly loved, we decided to take matters into our own hands and make our own candles. After months of research, finding the best suppliers, mixing fragrances, and testing the end product, we realized that this was going to be more than a hobby.  

About Our Candles

Our candles are created using a soy-paraffin blend of waxes and custom mixed fragrance oils. The soy-paraffin wax blend combines the great scent performance of paraffin wax with the long burn time and clean aesthetic of soy wax. Our wicks are made from cotton and paper threads and are free of zinc and lead. Each candle is hand mixed and hand poured in our Oakdale, Connecticut workshop.

Our Shipping & Refund Policy

  • Due to the fact that each candle is hand made, each product will vary slightly.
  • We are unfortunately unable to offer refunds if you do not enjoy your scent choice, but please feel free to contact us for recommendations or if your candle does not meet your expectations.
  • If your product arrives damaged in any way, please contact us and we can discuss the next steps.
  • Candles will be shipped within three business days of ordering. Once a product has been shipped, we are not responsible for any shipping delays. 
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